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Working Hard for

Safer Neighborhoods


In 2023, Sheriff McNeil commissioned a first of its kind empirical study into LCSO deputies' interactions with the public. Preliminary findings are already demonstrating that the vast majority of deputy/citizen interactions are non-confrontational or readily resolved by the skilled application of de-escalation techniques. We anticipate these findings will effectively illustrate that LCSO deputies routinely exercise restraint in the face of adversity in their roles a community guardians.

LCSO Memorial

In 2022, Sheriff McNeil unveiled an eternal flame and curved memorial wall to honor LCSO's sworn members killed in the line of duty. This memorial serves as a reminder of the sacrifices members of the LCSO have made. 

Mental Health Unit

In 2022, Sheriff McNeil established LCSO's Mental Health Unit, consisting of trained deputies focused on better assisting people experiencing mental health crises or substance abuse problems. A focal point for this unit is to ensure persons experiencing mental health issues receive the appropriate services rather then being engaged in the criminal justice system. 

Council on the Status of Men and Boys

After reviewing the data compiled in the Anatomy of a Homicide Report, Sheriff McNeil established the Council on the Status of Men and Boys to create a multidisciplinary plan for reducing homicides and gun violence in Leon County.

Re-Entry Programs

Sheriff McNeil has established in 2019, re-entry programs and worked with local business partners to identify jobs and training for incarcerated individuals nearing release.

Human Trafficking

In 2023, Sheriff McNeil established a Human Trafficking Task Force, partnering with other area law enforcement to strategically work collaboratively to address human trafficking in Leon County. LCSO was also tapped by the International Association of Chiefs of Police as one of six law enforcement agencies nationwide to help research and combat human trafficking.

Citizen Advisory Council

In 2022, Sheriff Walt McNeil further refined and redirected the role of a citizen advisory council he initiated shortly after becoming Sheriff in 2017. The Leon County Sheriff ’s Citizen Advisory Council (CAC) is responsible for reviewing investigations completed by the Internal Affairs (IA) Bureau. Thirteen new members were added to the citizen advisory committee in 2022.

Body Worn Cameras

Sheriff McNeil has implemented Body Worn Cameras throughout the Department of Law enforcement in a continual effort of providing transparency to the citizens served by the LCSO. Starting in 2023, members of the Department of Detention will be issued Body Worn Cameras. 

Anatomy of a Homicide Report

In 2021, Sheriff McNeil commissioned an exploratory review of Leon County homicides over the last five years to look for commonalities and devise a strategy for addressing the crimes. In 2023, LCSO received international recognition for the Anatomy of a Homicide report, receiving the International Association of Chiefs of Police Leadership in Law Enforcement Research award.

Rise Center

In 2021, Sheriff McNeil created the RISE Center, a facility dedicated to offering a plethora of resources to formerly incarcerated individuals.  


Since 2016, LCSO's recidivism rate has decreased by more than 25 percent.  

Real Time Crime Center

 In 2017, Sheriff McNeil established LCSO's Real Time Crime Center to utilize analysts and technology to better assist deputies during critical incidents.  Due to its success, In 2023, the RTCC expanded to a regional center, comprised of law enforcement and FSU researchers.

Sheriff McNeil has kept our neighborhoods safe.
And he's prepared to keep going.

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