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Est. by Sheriff McNeil

May 2019


Neighborhood by Neighborhood

A comprehensive plan to unify people, agencies, and organizations to collaboratively reduce crime in every Leon County neighborhood.

In May 2019, Sheriff Walt McNeil met with law enforcement, community leaders and religious leaders, to announce “ALLin LEON”- a comprehensive plan to unify people, agencies, and organizations to work collaboratively to reduce crime in every Leon County neighborhood. It is a partnership that allows all stakeholders to work toward a common goal- public safety. This goal extends to every community across Leon County. Sheriff McNeil believes that for a solution to crime to be found, we must be ALL IN.

ALLin LEON is comprised of four components:


prevention, enforcement, re-entry, and community involvement. Each component is built on a data-driven strategy crafted to meet the goals and objectives laid out by Sheriff McNeil. 



Through intervention programs and initiatives, reduce abhorrent behaviors, juvenile crime, and recidivism by 20% over a two year period.



Through collaborative law enforcement partnerships, reduce criminal activity in Tallahassee/Leon County by 25% by December 2020



Reduce inmate recidivism by providing all inmates assigned to the Re-entry Program with trauma-informed, evidence-based, education and self-help programs prior to returning into Leon County.



Increase community involvement in crime prevention programs by 20% in order to reduce gun violence and criminal activity in Leon County.

Within each component, specialized programs ensure that these objectives can be met efficiently and effectively. Worship with Me and Ceasefire are just a few of the strategies McNeil has taken to strengthen our communities. You can learn more about them by clicking their logos. 

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The Results Speak for Themselves

In September of 2019, the Leon County Sheriff's Office reported that since the program began that May, they had: 

Seized $147,000

15 pounds of drugs

61 guns

Recovered 10 stolen cars

and arrested 422 people

While this is an amazing start, there is still more work to be done.  We must ensure that every citizen in every neighborhood feels safe in their own backyard. In order to continue the progress we have made, Sheriff Walt McNeil needs you to be ALL IN in 2020.


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